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Learn the Needed Strategies that drive Success in the Sector. Acquire the Entrepreneurial Skills to perform these strategies.

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This programme aims to train you on how to manage and launch a financially sustainable, socially innovative, technologically advanced and globally networked venture that addresses the issues of refugee and migration as well as human trafficking crisis. How to turn into a co-creator and collaborator for change in the areas of migration and trafficking.

We expect you to learn the Needed Strategies that drive Success in the sector. We expect you to acquire the Entrepreneurial Skills to perform these strategies, these being various collaborative leadership skills, networking and alliance building skills, social embeddedness skills, social innovation skills, and business skills. You will be trained on how to co-create and collaborate and will interact with change makers in the sector from all over Europe and the world. In the end of the programme you will have learnt how to mobilise resources, how to plan your financials, how to integrate new technologies, how to co-create and collaborate with stakeholders in your ecosystem. How to integrate people from excluded groups, how to create positive impact through your activities, and various other skills and techniques.

Our selection process will be open until November 2017. Selection will be based on profile of candidates, priority and their individual project idea.

– SOG-TIM training programme begins on the 15th of December 2017, it has a duration of six months and graduated participants will receive a Certification from the Educational Institution.

The programme consists of:

  • SOG-TIM handbook and self-administered exercise book
  • E-learning platform with monthly E-modules
  • Six month Peer to Peer Mentoring Cycle and Action Learning Sets
  • Two face-to-face Design Thinking Workshops
  • Participation to the European Social Growth on Trafficking and Migration Competition & Award Ceremony

Fill in our survey to get 100% tuition fee registration to our programme

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