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FADO is a social company that employs deaf people and one hearing person. FADO works on the availability of the public space for people with disabilities. They try to control the current situation and influence the institutions so that the availability and its awareness were getting bigger.

FADO is a group of people who see the problem of digital exclusion of persons with various disabilities. Their task is to reduce digital barriers in public space. They study, improve and implement the availability of everything important for persons with various disabilities. Social Cooperative Fado was established by the Polish Association of the Deaf and the Subsidium Foundation in Lodz. Their research and accessibility audits are based on the experiences of people with disabilities. They build together the availability of public space for ALL. As many of the employees have various disabilities, they better identify barriers that the disabled encounter in everyday life.

FADO’s main activities are focused on research and improvement of accessibility for people with various kinds of disabilities:

  • Audit the availability of places, institutions and offices
  • Audit the availability of websites in accordance with the standard WCAG 2.0
  • Adjust customers’ offering to the needs of the disabled
  • Translate from Polish into sign languages all kinds of materials
  • Design and implement advertising and promotional films
  • Produce audio recordings of documents, materials, web content
  • Conduct trainings and workshops on eliminating architectural barriers, communication and personal development
  • Conduct training and workshops on equality and anti-discrimination