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K-PAX supports refugees (individuals and families, with focus on womed with children) in order to prevent marginalization and isolation.

K-PAX operates in synergy with public bodies, both local and national.
Main activities:
K-PAX was founded as a cooperative in 2008.

K-PAX provides assistance to asylum seekers, refugees (adults as well as with minors)

The activities of K-PAX are focused on preventing social exclusion and isolation from social networks, and on promoting the integration of those individuals who are most socially vulnerable: single women and women with children, un-waged/low-waged families, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.=

The core of K-PAX activity is to manage one of the SPRAR centers ((Sistema di protezione per richiedenti asilo e rifugiati – Protection system for asylum applicants and refugees): these centres represent the so-called “second level” of the assistance to refugees in Italy, and are the ones where the most comprehensive service are offered, such as courses about Italian language and culture, vocational training, legal support.

These centres are set up in collaboration between the central and decentralized administration, on a voluntary basis by the local authorities, in collaboration with actors the third sector, who are in charge of the provision of the services offered by the canters.

K-PAX manages a SPRAR center in Breno (BS), in the North of Italy, which hosts around 50 refugees (man, women and children).

Besides food and lodging, K-PAX provided tailor-made support in areas such as: education (i.e. italian language courses), job-search, etc…

K-PAX has estabilished partnerships with:

–          The Italian Ministry of Interiors

–          Local municipalities


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Via XXVIII Aprile 7

Breno (BS)
+39 0364321365