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The ADAT GROUP is a group that works in the field of insertion and is made up of the ADAT Association, the ADATEX Foundation and the MASQUEPAPELES Insertion Company.

The ADAT Association, constituted 25 years ago, mainly serves people with addictive behaviours and providing support services fro them such as Day Centre, Insertion houses, Outpatient Programs (Pathological Gambling, Cocaine, ICT, S, etc.) Prevention Programs, with children, Icarus and Pandora and Family prevention.

The ADATEX Foundation has broader purposes and is aimed at all people at risk of exclusion in general. It develops several programs in labour orientation with different groups: immigrants, women, young people, victims of gender violence, etc.

MASQUEPAPELES is an Insertion company (social enterprise) for people at risk of social exclusion, whose objective is to create different jobs so that in the professional competences and skills of people in social exclusion are developed. That is to say, MSQUAPAPELES creates jobs offering an opportunity to approach the labour market to people with special difficulties.

MASQUEPAPELES, for legal purposes, is a Limited Sole Proprietorship and its sole partner is the ADATEX Foundation.