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The objectives revolve around the issue of honest development of the social services offered by the Friendship Foundation Arad, through the advancement of projects preventing victimization, drug use and criminal activities, as well as projects in the areas of youth, and support for the target groups, in order to lead to the development and enhancement of the Romanian civil society, of democracy and progress, capitalizing on human, natural and material potential at our disposal, all the while pursuing the values of the Romanian and universal spirituality and culture.

The core programs of the foundation are: Justice; Youth and Community support:

-The activities developed through the “Justice” program are: psychological counselling, juridical counselling, financial and material support, facilitating licensing and employment, trainings/non-formal education, short term/temporary accommodation, social inclusion and access to social services, prevention campaigns and yearly international symposiums on preventing human trafficking.

-Through the “Youth” program we developed activities like supporting different categories of youth in need through specific projects; forming leaders among the youth who are capable to manage such projects; constituting a volunteering network called “PRO’s Friends”; involvement of the youth in the local administration through the “Local Youth Council” program.

-The “Community support” program it is based on the various needs of a large number of vulnerable people/people from a less than optimal background. The activities developed under this program are material support of the persons in these two categories (goods, medical equipment for people with disabilities, financial support – for rent, utilities, children’s tuition etc.; a whip-round bank of products (hygiene products, food, clothing items, shoes, toys, medicine); supporting communities/nongovernmental groups or institutions.

The target group of the “Justice” program is made up of victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, drug use and the under aged and adult delinquents getting out of the jail or those who are executing a sentence outside of prison.

The target group of the “Youth” program is made up of youngsters from schools, universities or outside an educational network, young people in difficulty.

The target group for the “Community Development” program is made up of vulnerable persons (economic vulnerability mainly) and vulnerable communities.

Website: www.proprietenia.ro

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pro.prietenia.arad