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Refergon comes as response to the refugee crisis that has hit Europe and Greece in particular. Refugees bring knowledge and skills and training that can increase the available resources in the host communities. Refergon’s vision is to improve the economic conditions of the local communities through deepening refugee integration into local society.

Refergon is an on-line platform to provide refugees access to the workplace. It has two tiers: 1.It recruits skilled refugees and matches them with employment opportunities in businesses, organizations and social enterprises. 2. It identifies skill building and vocational training opportunities for unskilled refugees through NGOs and academic institutions and it ensures that no educational opportunity goes missing and that refugees are equipped with the certification necessary to join the workforce.

One of the main characteristics of Refergon, is the diverse background of the members of the team. Refergon is the first platform of its kind in Greece and in Europe. Its entrepreneurial solution is built around a sustainable model by integrating early on refugees as owners of the platform. The self –help and self-reliant approach of Refergon is also reflected in its business model by having an own income generating strategy to be able to be self-sufficient and not grant reliant.



Website: http://refergon.com/

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/refergon/