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We are excited to introduce the SoG-TIM –Social Growth for Trafficking and Immigration project! The main objective of SoG-TIM is to train nonprofits and prospective social entrepreneurs in acquiring the required 21st century skills for the development of innovative, technologically advanced, financially sound, globally competitive and actively networked entrepreneurship ventures that address the issues of immigration and human trafficking crisis. We have designed an incubation e-based program that will support you on a step by step approach in building and growing your ventures. You will interact and co-create with peers from the global community that go through the same process. Through SoG-TIM channels and activities you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to social investors and exploit the opportunities of collaborating with start-uppers from the for-profit technologically advanced ecosystem.

Thirty million people are trapped in modern slavery, mostly women and children (Global Slavery Index, May 2016). Every minute, two people are being enslaved around the world. Two thirds are subjugated in the sex industry and one third into forced labor, mainly in the fashion and agriculture industry. Of them, only 1% are being rescued, and of this 1%, the 80% are being re-trafficked due to financial vulnerability. Romanians’ free international mobility encouraged slavery among a wide variety of forms and via black chains; in 2014 875 trafficking cases were recorded and 70% of Romanian immigrants said that they dream to return home (USA Embassy, Romania, 2015).

In 2016 148,355 migrants and refugees entered Europe (March 2016). The cumulative arrivals to Greece stands at 144,899. While in 2015 1,046,599 migrants arrived to Europe, Greece received 858,608 of them (Mediterranean Update, IOM, January 2016).

SoG-TIM is an ecosystem where like-minded people meet and interact to address the pressing issues of human trafficking and immigration crisis.