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International partnership of seven European organisations

The SoFE project’s partners are seven organisations from different EU countries:

PEDAL Consulting

Based in Slovakia, PEDAL Consulting (www.pedal-consulting.eu) is a private Slovak consultancy specialising in entrepreneurship and business development through all its phases. Since 2009, the company managed to establish long-term relationships with European and international associations and companies, and contributed significantly to the creation and growth of several businesses. PEDAL Consulting has direct interaction with many enterprises. These are mainly SMEs and international associations performing their activities at local, regional, national but also international level.

The business-related services implemented by the PEDAL Consulting team can be grouped into the following distinct categories:

  • Identification of business opportunities for the clients;
  • Optimisation of business processes and organisational structures
  • Knowledge and awareness building in entrepreneurship and business;
  • Organisation of workshops, training seminars and events for young entrepreneurs and startups;
  • Preparation of market studies and business plans;
  • Preparation and implementation of international public & private tenders;
  • Development of products for the clients in order to boost their economic growth.

The company has been optimizing processes and organizational structures as well as managing outsourced tasks of several large international associations resulting in reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Since its creation in 2009, PEDAL Consulting has prepared over 100 project proposals for its clients in the framework of various international public procurement opportunities. We have witnessed the complexity and multitude of channels and funding instruments through which our clients may access new business opportunities.

PEDAL Consulting is also acting as a business incubator specializing in the support of startups, offering business processing and analytics as a service, with an emphasis on web-based companies. Through elaborated processes, PEDAL Consulting identifies and provides instruments and resources, such as expertise, technology, services, for online startups and other web entrepreneurs enabling them to bring their business ideas to sustainable life.

Mr. Robert Miskuf is the Founder and CEO of PEDAL Consulting. Since 2009, he has been collaborating closely with one of the leading EU affairs consultancy firms based in Brussels through which he acquired core skills in research and analysis as well as project and association management. Prior to that, he worked at the secretariat of the European Parliament in Brussels, where he undertook research on European and National legislations. Thanks to his intensive involvement in a number of different NGO’s, he successfully managed various EU regional and community projects. Holder of a Merit degree in European Studies and International Relations from the University of Westminster in London, Robert is fluent in English, Italian, Slovak and Czech. Robert is currently holding the following functions:

  • Partner at StudiumOK (www.studiumOK.eu, www.studiumOK.it)
  • Consultant at SQUARIS CONSULTANTS, EU affairs consultancy firm, Brussels, Belgium (www.squaris.com)
    • Research Associate at RISI, Leading information provider for the global forest products industry, Brussels, Belgium (www.risi.com)
  • Project Manager at PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATION EUROPE FORUM, Common ICT platform for governments, industry and research, Brussels, Belgium (www.psc-europe.eu)
    • Project Manager at CORTE, Confederation of Organizations in Road Transport Enforcement, Brussels, Belgium (www.corte.be)
  • Project Manager at TIEMS, The International Emergency Management Society, Brussels, Belgium. Association managed through SQUARIS (www.tiems.info)
  • Consultant at UEMO, European Union of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. Association managed through SQUARIS (http://www.uemo.eu/)

Robert Miskuf is a coordinator of the Erasmus + (KA2) project called “Social Growth on Trafficking and Immigration” composed of 6 partners from 6 countries. He has also successfully coordinated “Startup Europe Partnership” project.

Federica Torcoli is an employee at PEDAL Consulting. She conducts searches for partners and business opportunities via international tenders, implements EU funded projects for the clients and organises workshops and training seminars. Federica holds a Merit Degree in Foreign Languages and International Communications from the Universities of Padova and Leicester and has an extensive working experience in the field of business communication and event organizing.

Eduard Miskuf is a senior advisor at PEDAL Consulting. He coordinates the marketing activities involved in the various projects developed by PEDAL Consulting and has managed a number of projects financed by the Visegrad Fund. Prior to PEDAL Consulting, he worked as Head of Office in various locations in the Balkans for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) where he organised various stakeholders’ meetings and coordinated various dissemination campaigns. He has also extensive experience in membership and operations management thanks to his role as Executive Director of the Slovak Wood Stove Builders Guild. Eduard also worked as Reporter for the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM), as Officer at the Balkan Desk for the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Manager for management courses at the Institute for Education in Martin (Slovakia). Eduard holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Bratislava and a Master of Sciences from the University of Technology of Kosice.